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Police Brutality Cases in Texas

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In a perfect world, citizens of every community should be able to trust the judgement and actions of law enforcement officials. Unfortunately, local and national headlines often detail police brutality against citizens. These behaviors are more prevalent than some would like to admit, but when it does happen, the offending officers can be held accountable for what they have done through court action.

Many people who have suffered painful and serious injuries caused by police do not realize that they have the ability to challenge the brutality in a lawsuit. Our team at The Cox Pradia Law Firm, P.L.L.C. has made it our mission to provide not only representation, but advocacy to clients hurt by the officers sworn to protect them. We have helped many clients recover significant results and are prepared to bring that level service to any personal injury case, police brutality suits included.

If you or loved one has been unduly hurt at the hands of law enforcement, contact our Houston firm for a free, no-obligation consultation today.

The Many Forms of Police Brutality

The phrase "police brutality" usually conjures up ideas of beatings and physicality. While many such cases are violent, police brutality is not dependent solely on physical altercations. Any form of aggression or inappropriate behavior that leads to physical harm or emotional trauma can be considered brutality.

Some more common examples of police brutality include:

  • Physical force (or excessive force)
  • Sexual assault
  • Implied violence or threats
  • Unfounded field stops (profiling)
  • False arrests or imprisonment
  • Unlawful search or seizure

Helping You Recover After Your Incident

You do not deserve to feel victimized by the actions of an overly aggressive police force. Any property damage or physical harm an officer caused through excessive brutality should not have to be paid for out of your own pocket. When you come to our firm for support and advocacy, our Houston personal injury lawyers can pursue a fair financial compensation on your behalf that covers:

  • Medical expenses
  • Repair costs
  • Missed wages during your recovery
  • Punitive damages
  • Nominal damages for emotional pain

We Are Ready to Stand with You. Call Our Firm Today!

Oftentimes victims of police brutality feel that seeking legal action is too costly or too hopeless, as it is against an institution as large as a police department. At our firm, we try to dispel that idea and hold any party accountable for negligence and injury. When an officer has taken an oath to serve and protect the community, it is crucial that they are held to that pledge, even if it means we have to fight them in court.

If you have been hurt, contact our firm to speak to a compassionate Houston personal injury lawyer.


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