ITC Deer Park Fire

Personal Injury

Intercontinental Terminals Company is facing numerous lawsuits, alleging the petrochemical fire at the company’s Deer Park plant caused respiratory problems, bronchitis, pneumonia, and other injuries. The Cox Pradia Law Firm, actively reviewing cases related to the ITC fire. If you or someone you know was injured, do not wait to contact our attorneys for help. undefined

The Effects of the Petrochemical Fire

The fire started on March 17th and continued for three days. Structures at ITC’s plant were destroyed in the fire, sending barrels containing gasoline and oil into the Houston Ship Channel.

While booms were immediately placed around the affected area to contain the spill, winds and tides have carried the oil and gas to other areas of the coastal marsh. Tucker Bayou, Carpenters Bayou, the San Jacinto River, and the Old River are believed to have been affected by the spill.

Possible Health Hazards

The contaminants released into the air and water pose possible health hazards to humans and wildlife in the area. Local schools were closed for four days because of the air quality.

The Environmental Protection Agency has found dead and injured animals in the Tucker Bayou. While the cause of death is still being investigated, the Texas Department of State Health Services has recommended not eating fish or crabs from the affected waters.

The Situation Is Stabilizing

The EPA has stated that cleanup efforts are making headway. The U.S. Coast Guard has recovered around 12,000 barrels of oil from the Houston Ship Channel, but some 70,000 more still need to be removed.

The Channel, which was closed for nearly a week after the fire, has reopened during daylight hours.

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